We are happy to announce that we are the first “Green” heated studio (using infrared heat) to serve the South Bay community. Our facility offers a total of 1690 sq. ft. of vibrant colored walls and modern decor that are sure to infuse with energy and happiness.

The space includes: twenty-five feet of mirrored wall over 800 sq. ft. of studio space in relaxing atmosphere (the mood is set with aromatic essential oil sprays, Himalayan salt lamps and rice papered natural lighting). There is a unisex bathroom, two dressing rooms, a reception area and retail display area.

Equipment provided: 1 to 12lb free weights, resistance bands, yoga balance blocks, yoga stretch straps, fitness steps and ballet bars.

We rent space! Call for details!




Joann’s three biggest and most important roles in life are being a mother, a retired military spouse, and a small business owner.  She decided to become self-employed in March of 2014, putting her 20+ years of traditional expertise to good use.  Brickhouse Cardio Club was a great match that would afford her the lifestyle she desired – as well as meet her professional and personal fitness goals.  Joann firmly believes that with the franchise’s guidance and her determination, she will bring a much needed service to her community along with contributing to her family’s future.  Joann’s goal is to achieve a fun, motivational, and positive fitness studio that promotes healthy living and a happy spirit.


Laura began her yoga journey completely by mistake.  After a torn rotator cuff kept her from kickboxing, a friend of hers suggested Bikram Yoga.  After studying ballet as a teenager, she loved the structure and intensity of hot yoga.  Over time she discovered that the postures inexplicably were changing how she reacted to life.  Laura continued to study yoga with several studios.  After ten years of practice, she knew it was time to take the leap into sharing yoga with other practitioners.  She completed her RYT 200 with CorePower Yoga in April of 2013, and has never looked back.  Safety, proper alignment and individual expression are the focus of Laura’s classes.


Margo has a spiritual passion for yoga that shines bright. Her focus is bringing awareness to the mind so that it may transfer health and calmness to the body. Margo’s intention as a yoga instructor leaves students feeling challenged, empowered, and deeply connected. Her classes are challenging, uplifting, and approachable, as she takes you beyond the physical aspects of yoga, and brings you into your own sacred space. Through a variety of poses, and conscious sequencing, Margo’s classes will build strength, flexibility, and balance through stability, as well as provide the space to discover you inner truth.


Rocio started her fitness journey 5 years ago during fusion kick boxing and weight training.  She stumbled onto yoga sculpt by chance a little over a year ago and immediately fell in love with it and received her Yoga Sculpt Certification from CorePower Yoga.  She likes to surround herself with positive go-getters and aspires to inspire people to open up to new fitness adventures.


Magda has experience in many exercises fields such as; athletes, running, soccer as being ranked a Black Bell Dan II. Magda had been a student of Zumba for years before deciding to become certified. She has been teaching regular Zumba Instructor for 8 years and Z-Toning for 4 years. In addition to her extensive Zumba experience, Magda is also a “Certified Personal Trainer.” She enjoys training students one-on-one, and circuit training with small groups. Magda’s greatest satisfaction as a fitness instructor comes from witnessing the incredible transformations and results of her students.


Janee started her yoga journey in 2008. She was looking for an outlet to relax after her grandmother received news that she was diagnosed with cancer. After her first class she was hooked. Learning tools to connect her body, breath and mind helped her not only through that tough time in her life but it continues to help her each and every day. When she is not practicing the asana of yoga she is either focusing on her breath while rock climbing or is enjoying a creative day with friends which is a necessity for mental health.


Laura Hoeger discovered yoga in 2009 while working on her PhD in Art History at UCSD.  The stress and anxiety produced by that environment led her to seek a way to manage her thoughts and emotions, and to take time for herself to enjoy the present moment. Fortunate enough to begin practicing Vinyasa Yoga with Laura Dasi and Ginseng she gradually noticed the changes in her mind, body and spirit.

Laura earned her 200 hour yoga certification in Interdisciplinary Flow in 2015 at Yoga One, and has taken special certifications and trainings in prenatal yoga, yoga for senior citizens, hands-on adjustments, and aerial yoga.  Her classes focus on proper alignment and safety for all levels, using props when appropriate to help open all areas of the body; making students feel stronger, more flexible and more relaxed. She invites her students to approach her with any questions, injuries or issues.  If a pose doesn’t work for your body, she will find one that does!


Nathalie specializes in Vinyasa Flow with core awareness in her yoga classes. She received her 200 hour Yoga Alliance RYT Certification with Jano Gallindo, pre-natal yoga certification with Lorena Martinez and her hands on alignment certification with Anthony Bogart. Nathalie loves the everyday progress of her students.  Seeing how all of a sudden a concept clicks and makes total sense, or that smirk in their face when after practice, dedication and commitment they can finally do something they had their mind set to.  She loves the feeling of helping people discover, accept, and most of all love themselves.

Nathalie started practicing yoga in 2010 and in spring of 2015 had decided to take a Teacher Training course to soak up knowledge and deepen my practice. During this journey, a lot of her perspectives on life took a wide turn. Many wonderful changes were happening internally, and that’s when she knew that she could share this new acquired knowledge with the people around her and maybe help and guide them to understand and feel all that she was experiencing.

Shannon is a Connecticut native, and in July moved across the country chasing sunshine and adventure, and is so excited to be living in San Diego! Shannon took her first yoga class at seventeen when her parents opened up a health food store with an attached yoga room. She immediately loved the physical challenge that yoga offered, but it wasn’t until years later that she realized the impact that it would have on her life. Shannon continued her yoga practice through college where she studied social work.  She worked in the social work field for several years, and it was after backpacking Europe that she decided to combine her passion of yoga and her passion for helping others. She completed her yoga teacher training in July of 2015 at SoulSpace Yoga and Wellness in Southington Connecticut and has been teaching ever since. She has worked with youth in many different settings, including: directing an after school program, as an academic tutor in the classroom, as a counselor in a residential program, and as a cheerleading coach both in competitive and recreational cheerleading. Shannon believes in the power of positivity, the importance of kindness, and the strength that comes from health and wellness! She loves working with youth and she is honored and excited to have the opportunity to share yoga with children at Brickhouse Cardio Club!
Fernando has been a Hatha Yoga Instructor, and vegetarian since 1986. He taught for the City of Chula Vista from 2004-2008. He currently teach at the Marriott Hotel in Coronado Ca, since 2016. He alsos teaches Meditation, and Lowanpi Ceremony; (Native American Ceremonies). He received his yoga training by Chinese Master Zung Wung Kung, French Master Serge Rainald de la Ferriere, and by Master Domingo Dias. At the Great Universal Monastery in Zirahuen, Michoakan. Fernando’s goal, is like all yoga Instructors; to prepare and teach his students the yogi way of life!
Lauren began practicing yoga in 2005 as a means of stress relief and maintaining physical fitness while working towards her degree in Mechanical Engineering at UCSD. Over the years, she’s explored a variety of yoga teaching styles from Bikram to Hatha Vinyasa to traditional Ashtanga asana practice. In 2016, Lauren received her 200-hour certification from Mosaic Yoga where she was able to dive deeper into yoga philosophy and lifestyle. Lauren’s engineering background enables her to better understand the complexities of the mechanics of the human body and the science of yoga.

Lauren firmly believes that yoga is for everybody and that everybody can (and should!) practice yoga regularly for healthy minds and bodies. Lauren’s other active hobbies include rock climbing, running, mountain biking, dancing, and barre. She also enjoys reading, camping, road trips, and volunteering.

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